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Aftermarket chokes are important for several reasons. Two of the most important reasons aftermarket chokes are used over factory chokes is because of the material and machining process used in production. Factory chokes are machined from a softer steel that is not as hard as after market chokes. This is why you cannot shoot steel shot in a Full factory choke in most cases but you can with after market choke tubes. With state and federal regulations expanding each year, increasing sportsmen and women’s use of steel and non-toxic shot (which is heavier than lead, and more dense), it is very important to make sure you are using a choke that can accommodate this.

By using a stronger material, aftermarket choke tubes give the consumer more options and the ability to produce tighter and more dense patterns with longer range effectiveness in comparison to the factory choke tubes provided with the gun.

Another important difference in is the parallel section of the choke tube. Factory style chokes do not generally offer the length in parallel section that aftermarket extended tubes can. The difference starts with the machining process. It takes more time/money to produce a choke tube machined in this manner. In addition, when you couple this machining process with the additional length offered in an extended choke tube (generally also not available with shotguns from the factory) this gives us the ability to push that parallel section even further, giving the shotgunner the best possible pattern by extending the length of that section, which produces a very dense, stable shot column with less flyers and increase pattern density throughout the target zone.

Aftermarket choke companies, like Carlson’s Choke Tubes, offer a much wider selection of choke tubes to the consumer. Those choices include specialty style chokes specifically tested and machined for Sporting Clays/Trap, Waterfowl, Turkey Predators, Upland Game, 3-Gun competition and even Tactical applications. This allows the shooter to dial-in his/her load/choke/pattern more so compared to the basic factory style choke tubes.

Choke tubes are now being produced for specific ammunition choices like Federal Black Cloud, TSS turkey, Winchester Long Beard and Remington Hyper Sonic, just to name a few. The pattern testing performed by aftermarket companies helps ensure the consumer can find exactly what they need to help their shooting performance in any situation. For example, Carlson’s Choke Tubes uses an electronic patterning board and analyzation software to aid in pattern testing and development of every choke tube we produce. This ensures our customers get the best possible pattern for their specific gun, shooting situation and ammunition choice.

To get the most from their shotguns, shooters will change ammunition choices when they shoot trap, hunt pheasants, ducks, geese, and even turkey. And possibly yet again if they choose that gun to take deer hunting. When the ammunition changes, along with the game or situation, it generally requires a different choke tube to provide the best performance. This aftermarket selection of choke tubes enables shotgunners to get the greatest utility from their guns throughout the entire year and spectrum of possible shooting situations from hunting to range work.

In summary, aftermarket choke tubes allow a shooter to match a choke tube to their ammunition choice to deliver the best pattern and performance for that particular situation. It also gives them more choices of styles, colors, and constrictions to choose from that not only enhance performance of the shotgun but gives them the opportunity to change the looks of the gun as well with a range of finishes from Cerakote colors to bright stainless, black oxide and more. There are a lot of great aftermarket choke companies to choose from. Carlson’s Coke Tubes is a one of those quality companies that has been supplying high-grade machined choke tubes for over 30 years. They also have partnered with Delta Waterfowl in a continuing effort to enhance the quality of conservation across the United States.

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