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2021 will mark 33 years in business for Carlson's Choke Tubes.
For the last 32 years, we have been able to grow and improve our line of choke tubes. This has come from patterning tens of thousands of shells and using all different makes and models of shotguns. By examining patterns and making adjustments to things such as the parallel section, finish, and diameters, we are able to provide an affordable product that performs as you would expect in the field and at the range. Over the last few years we have grown our product line and some of this can be attributed to the Electronic Patterning Board (EPB) that we have at our disposal. This technology allows us to see various things such as point of impact (POI), pattern percentage, and pattern density. Using our EPB, we are able to get more accurate data than by doing this manually. This advantage is passed on to the customer by allowing us to design better choke tubes and gives our techs more information to pass along to our customers. We pride ourselves on our customer service and encourage customers to contact us any time they have a concern or question. We back our product with a lifetime warranty!

With all of this experience and technology there are still unforeseen variables which is why we stress that the customer pattern his or her gun to know exactly how the gun will perform using a specific load and choke combination. You don't go deer hunting without sighting-in your rifle and scope, and we suggest using the same line of thinking with your shotguns. Be certain to pattern your shotgun before you use it in the field with the load and choke tube you plan to use.