Why Carlson’s Snap Caps?

Protect Your Investment and Use Them as a Training Aid

Specifically, our aluminum snap caps are different from the competition as they are purpose-built for a number of tasks.
Our aluminum snap caps are machined from aluminum, not plastic.
Why? Plastic snap caps not only have a very short usable life span, but they can also chip, or break off in small pieces.
Those small pieces can cause malfunctions or even catastrophic failure in your firearms.
The difference between malfunction or catastrophic failure lies in where the small pieces get lodged.
Certainly not worth the gamble, to us anyway.

The aluminum construction of our snap caps will not damage chambers, extractors or ejectors.

Since they are built to SAAMI specs for each caliber - they are a perfect fit for your firearm.

The red coloring makes them easy to identify as live or dummy rounds in training.

They protect the firing pins and strikers. The primer area is spring loaded and the correct hardness to prevent firing pin over protrusion, a condition that can cause cracks or breakage in your striker or firing pin).

Snap caps are critical teaching tools.  When used properly, they can help teach a shooter how to quickly resolve stoppages on the range, and in defensive situations.

Find our full selection here:  https://www.choketube.com/choke-tube-search-results.php?q=snap+caps

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