How to Select the Right Choke Tube

Choke selection is probably the most often asked question we get in the shop.  In preparation for Turkey Season (and I capitalized that for a reason!) it’s a great time to bring this to light, as it’s probably the biggest “patterning season” attributed to choke tubes given the patterns desired by turkey hunters is the tightest pellet payload patterned at the longest range possible.

So…. Where do we start?  What gun are you shooting?

The equation looks something like this:  
Choke System + Ammo choice/pellet size + Constriction/Choke Tube Choice + Shooting Situation  =  Success.  Without all of those pieces of the equation, we can’t get to the success at the end.

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First, we take the gun you are shooting, and match that up to our interchange chart.  We literally “wrote the book” on choke tube interchanges.  There are a variety of choke tube systems out there, and getting that piece right starts the process.  Click here for the latest choke tube interchange information on the planet.

Next, we talk ammo.  What are you planning to shoot in that shotgun of yours?  TSS?  Hevi-Shot?  Good old lead?  Or maybe steel?
Once we know the shot type and size, we can start shopping for the appropriate choke tube to get the job done.
The great thing is that we have taken some very popular ammunition choices, tested them with a variety of constrictions across the most popular choke tube systems.  In effect, we have done the heavy lifting for you, and have specific constrictions that have proven themselves to perform with particular ammunition.  For instance, TSS and Long Beard ammunition for Turkey hunters. Our TSS and Long Beard choke tubes are easy choices, where available, for hunters using that ammunition.

With all of the pieces in hand (shotgun, new choke, ammunition), it’s time to head to the patterning board.  80% (or more) of shotguns do not shoot “point of aim”.  Meaning, you need to take that combination and shoot it, in much the same way you’d take a new rifle, scope and ammunition choice to the range for sighting in.  That shotgun of yours is likely not going to hit exactly where you put the bead.  And, especially when you are turkey hunting, this can spell disaster at close ranges.  Why?  That pattern is likely so very tight, it’s only the size of a softball at 15 yards, which means a near miss turns into that big Tom running off to strut another day, leaving you wondering how you could have possibly missed a shot that close.

There’s a short video or two with some great information available here.
Patterning Your Shotgun:


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