Aluminum Shotgun Snap Caps

Aluminum Shotgun Snap Caps
These NEW snap caps are made from high strength aluminum for repeat use.  Spring-loaded primer plunger prevents firing pin damage during dry-firing exercises.  NOTE:  leaving guns cocked during storage is hard on springss and is dangerous.  These will help keep your firearm in good condition.  Set of 2.

  • Prevents damage and prolongs main spring life.

  • Precision machined to true SAAMI specs.

  • Primer material is correct hardness to prevent striker/firing pin over-protrusion.

  • Aluminum won't damage the chamber/extractor/ejector

  • Snap Caps are a critical training aid for learning how to fix malfunctions quickly and efficiently not only for competition shooters but for anyone who has a gun for self-defense.

  • Item#
  • 00041
    .410 Aluminum Snap Caps (2-Pack)
  • 00042
    28ga Aluminum Snap Caps (2-Pack)
  • 00100
    Aluminum 12ga Snap Caps (2-Pack)
  • 00101
    Aluminum 20ga Snap Caps (2-Pack)