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SRB Field Rest

The SRB field rests can be used on virtually every shotgun or rifle with or without a scope, from the 10 gauge side by side to the 17 caliber rifle including the AR type rifles. Bow hunters can use the SRB field rests to rest their bows with arrows nocked and ready to shoot. The SRB field rests can also be used with crossbows with or without scopes.

Safety is a large reason for using the SRB field rests. Shotgun, rifle or bow does not need to be moved until ready to shoot. Guns or bows will not be in the dirt, mud, snow, water or vegetation.

Keep guns and bows out of debris and in a convenient position to lift and shoot. With the SRB field rests hands will be free to operate calls without the gun falling or rolling around in the dirt, mud, snow or endangering yourself or anyone else with an uncontrolled muzzle.

The SRB field rests can be used in virtually every hunting situation when hunting on the ground. Whether sitting in a chair or on a bucket hunting doves, lying on the ground, in a layout blind, in a pit blind hunting waterfowl the gun can be set where it is handy without the gun getting caught on the doors of the layout blind, the pit blind, in a popup or a brush ground blind. The SRB field rests can also be used while sitting against a tree or other object while turkey, deer or predator hunting. The SRB field rests can be set up on extensions at a height where the hunter can move the gun off of the rear rest to the shoulder while leaving the gun on the front rest for support while shooting. With the use of the extensions, water fowlers can use the SRB field rests while hunting marshes and/or shallow water.

NOTE The SRB Field Rest Package ships with two rests and two Above Ground Decoy Sockets

The SRB Field Rests use the Above Ground Decoy Socket to rest in.

SRB Premium Camo 4-Piece 11" Gun Rest
Item # Description Price  
00020 SRB Field Rest - Gray - 3760 27.95 Add to cart
00021 SRB Field Rest - Brown - 3761 34.95 Add to cart
00031 AG Socket Driver 5.95 Add to cart

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